Phantom SFX HID Spec 35W Euro Ready Ballast

SFX HID Spec Phantom 35W is our flagship product, engineered using the latest technology. Featuring its own patented slim ballast design, and by using ASIC chip from Germany, SFX Phantom slim ballast can better control and regulate electric current to achieve lighting stability and durability. Phantom Slim Ballast was designed with tight engine bays that can be found in today’s automobiles. This type of slim design, allows us to easily mount the ballasts in small spaces in the engine bays. To provide our customer with convenience, Phantom 35W Kit can be installed into most vehicles in the market (Japanese, American, Korean, and European).

Phantom SFX HID Spec 35W Single Bulb

Not only our ballast that is state of the art. Our Bulb is also produced using high quality material, with the latest technology. High quality Xenon gas is used to ensure longer lasting brightness and color stability. SFX Phantom Bulb is the pioneer to use metal bracket to hold the bulb firmly into its base. Conventional usage of silicone to hold the bulb into its base is currently phasing out. Metal brackets give better structural integrity under extreme heat and provide stability and durability of the product. SFX Phantom Bulb such as H11 and HB4/HB3 is the first to use ”L“ shape bulb for easy installation into cars that originally has an L shape Bulb.

Phantom SFX HID Spec 35W H4 H/L Bulb

SFX H4 High Low Bulb is one of the best in the market. Packed with high quality materials and up to date technology, making this H4 cannot be compared with others. While producing our H4 High Low, we understood the common problems that can usually be found in conventional H4 High Low system. Problems such as High Low system not functioning properly will not be found in SFX H4 High Low Bulb. Our unique H4 uses the car’s own system to directly control the movement of the bulb itself.

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